Meet Emily Hanna, founder of Nailbreak / by Lisa Nguyen

In the lead up to our nail bar pop up with Nailbreak, we caught up with founder, Emily, to find out how she came up with the genius idea of a mobile nail cart and combining it with the low tox ethos. Read on to hear the Nailbreak story and learn more about this Enough babe.
Nailbreak founder, Emily

Nailbreak founder, Emily

What made you want to switch to a natural/organic/sustainable lifestyle? How has this influenced your career path?

The first switch was to Australian made products because its important to me to support local. The fantastic thing about making this switch is most Aussie businesses are already striving to be sustainable and natural, so it was a natural transition. Another factor in having a conscious business is that is not common to find nail salons that use low tox products, so this was a way for Nailbreak to diversify and cater to all the conscious consumers out there.

Favourite thing about your work

I just love our team! We have some really talented nail artists that I get to work alongside at all of our pop-up events. I learn so much from them and we have so much fun no matter the setting.

What attracted you to this line of work?

I saw an opportunity to start something new. I used to live in New York and my boss would book a manicurist to come into our office once a month and would subsidise the cost for our team to receive manicures and massages. I valued that and when I returned to Australia I found that there were no offerings like that in a corporate environment, so I took the leap to start it myself.

Your commitment to ethical/sustainable/low tox alternatives is inspiring - what challenges have your faced to get to where you are now?

The biggest challenge is, and continues to be, accommodating everyone’s needs (as much as we can) whilst staying aligned to our core values. We want to offer low tox alternatives and educate our customers but also don’t want to exclude clients who appreciate the convenience and longevity of products like Shellac or gels. My dream is to create our own brand of nail polish that surpasses the long-wear attributes of gels and have a less damaging effect on the environment and our bodies.


Favourite nail colour palette

I’m a sucker for pastels and neutrals - you’ll often find me rocking a gorgeous lilac colour, ‘Dress Call’ by Essie Gel Couture.

Favourite nail trends for 2019

My favourite trends would have to be almost nude (and slightly opalescent) polish with pearl accent gems. I think gemstones on nails have had a bad rap in the past but there are some really unique and subtle stones/pearls and detailing that just really make your nails look extra special.
What is something people wouldn’t expect of you?

People are often surprised to hear I’m a part owner of a fried chicken business!

Favourite things to do in your downtime

I have a Dutch bike and love to go cycling along the beach. I also love to spend time with my friends and family which can be hard as life is often so busy, but I cherish it all the more nowadays. Oddly enough when I have the time I also enjoy doing my own nails, but it isn’t often that I get to do that.

What does your self-care practice entail?

Pilates is my self-care priority - at times it feels like really hard work but I know it will benefit me in the long run. I also enjoy sensory deprivation tanks (aka floating), it’s great for my mental health as I’m constantly thinking, planning and doing. Floating leaves you weightless, with nothing but your own thoughts. I really want to master not thinking about anything - I swear its one of the most difficult things to do.


Tips for keeping your nails / healthy nail care tips

I apply hand cream and cuticle oil to my nails and fingers almost every second night. I know to some this may feel like a chore but cuticle oil (particularly almond and grapefruit oil) is a sure fire way to soften cuticles while strengthening your nails. I like to do it as I hop into bed, I spend about 5 minutes massaging my fingers and nail beds as this also helps to stimulate growth.

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Describe your daily uniform

My daily uniform isn’t very exciting - if I’m working in my other business its usually active wear and for Nailbreak you’ll find me rocking black and white. This makes me appreciate going out for dinners and catching up with friends as it is a chance for me to dress up and get creative with fun colour combinations.

What three things can you not live without?

Chocolate, travel & family.

Best beauty pick me up?

I recently tried a hydrafacial which is a non abrasive form of microdermabrasion - I think I’m hooked!

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