Meet the team: Charlotte Powell, Senior Stylist / by Lisa Nguyen

Introducing Charlotte Powell, the newest addition to the Enough family. We caught up with Charlotte to find out about her career in the hair industry so far, what gets her out of bed everyday, and her dream dinner guests. Read on, lovers.
Charlotte Powell, senior stylist

Charlotte Powell, senior stylist

Short history of your career so far

I have always loved hair, creating and having a good chat - I feel like this line of work chose me!

During high school, I worked for a salon washing hair and I pretty much knew I wanted to continue working in the industry and around people, but it wasn’t until I was 23 (after a few years of uni and travelling) that I finally decided to get qualified. 

I was really lucky to begin my career in an amazing salon with a really supportive and talented group of people who helped shape the hair stylist I am today! Working in the hair industry made me realise that aside from giving my creative side a good work out, I loved the interactions with my clients.

I love meeting new people, learning about them, getting to know them and started noticing that one of the most common things I would discuss with my clients was health and natural ways of healing. This sparked my passion in health and healing and has lead me to go back to study acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

Thinking back on your career, what are you most proud of so far?

Following all the little signs and signals the universe has given me to create a life where I get to get up every day to a job that I love - it’s creative, interactive, fun and has also allowed me to follow other areas I am passionate about- like natural medicine and holistic forms of healing. 

What inspires you daily?

All of my incredible friends, family and clients. Witnessing their triumphs, and also going through hard times, and learning and growing. Deep connections with the people I love and anything in nature.

What made you want to switch to a natural/organic/sustainable lifestyle? How has this influenced your career path?

I have always been extremely interested in health and nourishing my body with good food. I’ve been through my fair share of health problems over the years and I think each little setback has taught me what works and what doesn’t. These setbacks have allowed me to learn what actually heals and what hinders.

I have always felt such a strong connection to Mother Earth, to our beautiful beaches and plants (I have lots of indoor plant babies) and I feel we are so blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty. It is so important for us to respect nature and honour it. I believe it gives us life, but it’s a two way street. We can’t just take, take and take, and expect to go on receiving - so it is important for us to nourish and care for the environments that cares for us. 

This goes for our bodies too. Our bodies are our temples, it is so important for us to be conscious of what we put on and in our body. To eat foods that strengthen, nourish and empower us and to limit our exposure to toxic substances where we can!

Working in a salon and around all the chemicals that are normally involved in hairdressing made me aware of my sensitivity to them and how they were negatively impacting my health. This lead me to want to find ways to make hairdressing more environmentally and health-friendly, and also more sustainable.

Lisa Nguyen, founder of Enough Studio, and Charlotte Powell, senior stylist

Lisa Nguyen, founder of Enough Studio, and Charlotte Powell, senior stylist

What are you known for? (signature style)

I love creating effortless lived in colours that give my clients a fresh look and change while still maintaining a natural feel. I also love to finish off a colour with a soft wavy blow-dry.

Favourite thing about your work

Meeting new, incredible and inspiring individuals and making soul connections. Also when clients trust me with a big hair change, hair is a very important thing to most people and its a really amazing feeling when you know someone trusts you with something that means so much to them.

Favourite cities/holiday destinations and why

  • Japan! Amazing snow, incredible food and just the most kind gentle people 

  • Queenstown/Wanaka- the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen

  • Anywhere with sun, the ocean, lots of amazing and healthy, delicious food and a chilled out vibe

Favourite things to do in your downtime

I love doing yoga and I’m always listening to music! (I love anything by Ben Howard, The National, Odesza or Rufus).

I love cooking (and more importantly, eating!), and feeding my friends and family too. 

Self-care practice - what does yours entail?

Eating healthy nourishing whole foods - but also chocolate when I’m feeling that too ( which is most days).

I try to meditate and least once or twice a day, sometimes with music, or in the sun anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour, I just go with how I’m feeling or wherever I am in that moment.

I also love baths with lots of salts and oils, and spending time alone to unwind and reset. 

What three things can you not live without?

  • Love/soul connections

  • Chocolate

  • My AirPods…. How did I ever survive with headphones with cords??

Charlotte Powell, senior stylist

Charlotte Powell, senior stylist

Last movie you saw

The Incredibles 2 - I love kids movies.

Hopes for 2019

To keep learning, growing and following the path that’s meant for me!

If you could invite 3 people to dinner (dead or alive), who would you invite? What would you serve for dinner?

I would change it to 4 people and it would be my 4 siblings. They are everything to me and there is no one I am more inspired by, or love more.

I get to see them individually quote often - but it’s almost impossible for us to tee up times to be all together in the same place - so this would be my choice any day.

I’m not sure what I’d serve - I’m terrible at planning too far ahead so I think I’d be rushing around the shops an hour before they arrive completely improvising!