Enough Limited Edition Nourish tea

Ingredients list


Promotes inner health and wellbeing

Elderflower: Known to assist in relieving cold/flu, sinus congestion, easing respiratory system, allergies, oxidative stress (high antioxidants and vitamin C).

Lemon Verbena: insomnia, anxiety, digestive distress and indigestion.

Rooibos: Traditionally used to help treat allergies, inflammation, improve circulation and lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Also known for helping to treat insomnia, headaches, boosting the immune system.

Rose: Used to help relieve insomnia and fatigue, as well as anxiety and depression. Known to aid in reducing fluid retention and infertility, as well as a liver and kidney tonic. It may also helps boost the immune system.

Schisandra: A highly prized herb used in traditional herbal medicine known to help reduce stress, increase endurance, reduce inflammation, improve physical performance, increase energy and help with insomnia and improve sleep quality. It is also indicated for reducing night sweats, boosting the immune system, improve concentration, memory and circulation. It has been used to help those with depression and anxiety, protect the liver, increase glutathione levels, and detoxify the body.

Linden: Traditionally has been used in the treatment of the immune system. It is indicated for colds and flu, reducing fever, bronchitis and laryingitis. It may also help reduce headaches and reduce nervous tension.

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