What is the duration for my appointment?

As a general guideline for new clients, approximately 3 hours will be allocated for a cut and colour; this is specifically for a primary colour. In the event you require colour correction, or your hair is thick and long, extra time will be permitted. Kindly take this into consideration prior to booking, and where possible, provide us with sufficient information so we can make an accurate assessment of what is required during your appointment and allocate the appropriate amount of time.

What products do you use?

At Enough we love products that are kind to our bodies, as well as the planet, which is why we use OWAY. OWAY aims to be as nasty-free as possible, packed with plenty of organic, bio-dynamically farmed ingredients, OWAY strive for the highest quality in organic haircare. They have continued their human face and purchase over fair trade networks, are kind to animals and develop eco-sustainable projects. OWAY holistic colouring respects hair by steering clear of ammonia, paraben, petroleum, synthetic fragrance and is artificial colourant free.

How many sessions does my hair need to achieve my desired colour?

Every client's hair takes differently to colour, therefore it is possible to give you an estimate, but this may not be exact. Where there is no existing artificial dye in your hair, it may be possible for us to achieve your desired colour within the first session.

If you have recently coloured your hair (specifically home dyes), we may first need to wash down your hair of any strong colour build up (also known as colour correction).

For damaged hair, we may need 2 or 3 sessions of colour work to maintain your hair's integrity to prevent further breakage.

What are your prices for your services?

We have different prices based on stylist levels. As a guide you can refer to our price list. If there are additional charges, (for example, a treatment) this will be communicated to you during your consult.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made via our online booking form or via email. In order to give you best possible service and ensure you have our full attention we do not take phone calls during work hours. The phone interrupts our focused service with our clients (you!) and affects the level of our work. Email us at hello@weareenough.com.au or book online whenever you like. Alternatively, reserve your appointment at our reception area.

How long do I wait before I book an appointment?

We suggest that you book your next appointment shortly following your session to avoid missing out on your preferred stylist. We understand there can be changes in schedules, and where possible, we recommend that any changes are communicated as soon as possible (ideally within 2-3 weeks of your appointment), so that we can find a suitable replacement time. In the event we are unable to reallocate your appointment in a 2-3 week period, we can add you to our cancellation lists in the event of last minute cancellations with other stylists.

What are your stylist levels?

At Enough, we employ a number of freelance stylists. We have different stylists to address everybody's needs. Each stylists has a specialisation - some in colour, others in cutting or styling; our stylists are highly skilled and experienced professionals that meet the Enough standard. Because of this standard, we are advocates of each and every team member and will ensure the right stylist and their specialisation is assigned to you depending on your requirements.

Each service is customised to suit your individual style, so please do not hesitate to seek advice from any team member.

Is it possible for me to come for a consult before the main job, and is there a consultation charge?

We highly recommend clients come for a consult prior to their main appointment, especially in the case where colour correction is required, or if hair is damaged. This way, we can ascertain what is achievable in terms of style and colour. Consultations are free of charge.

What's the best shampoo and conditioner for me to use for my colour?

This is contingent on a number of factors such as your hair colour, style and needs. For clients with coloured hair we recommend using a colour specific shampoo and conditioner to maintain longevity. To prevent brassiness, it is recommended for clients with highlights to use shampoo and conditioner made specifically for treated/blonde hair.

To maintain hair health and structure following your session, you may wish to consider incorporating a weekly conditioning treatment in addition to your haircare routine. This can also delay the onset of brassiness including tonal changes.

We recommend talking with your stylist about what you want to achieve, and any questions and concerns so that we can make an informed recommendation.

What is colour build up and will it impact negatively on my outcome?

Colour build up is regarded as any artificial dye that is positioned in your hair. Until the hair has totally grown out, there is a probability that it remains on the hair and which can affect the outcome of any colour application. For some, it will require a total colour removal. After your hair has being 'cleaned', it will go through different stages of colour, where you may observe orange, red and/or brassy tones. After your first colour correction appointment, we will provide you an appropriate timeline for your desired colour.

What's the guarantee you can give to your work?

We can absolutely guarantee all of our work, however, in the event that you are unhappy with how your hair turned out, we have prepared a 2 week redo in our policy. Kindly contact the salon and we will be glad to rectify the issue instantly.

Do you offer Olaplex?

We do not offer Olaplex at Enough, instead we use Hbleach from the OWAY range - the first ammonia free bleaching cream butter based on Kukui butter and enriched with a synergy of 3 precious oils. This cream has the ability to lift 1-6 levels without compromising the structure of your hair. 

Is there any need for my booking to be confirmed?

Yes, you must confirm your booking and appointment. A reminder text is automatically sent 3 days before your appointment and requires a response to confirm. Unfortunately in the event appointments are not confirmed within 2 hours of the appointment, we will be left with no option than to cancel the appointment and reallocate to another client.

Any provision for a cancellation policy?

We do ask that you try arrive on time for your appointment. If you are running 20 minutes late or more we may have to cancel your appointment.

Please be advised that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy that includes appointments we have to cancel due to lateness. We do understand that sometimes unplanned circumstances are unavoidable. Unfortunately with less than 24 hours notice we may not be able to fill your appointment time,  your notice lets us schedule another client and in turn, keeps a higher availability of services for you as well as others. Therefore if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours beforehand you may be asked to pay 50% of the cancelled appointment before you can book your next appointment.