Enough is here because well, to be honest, we’ve had enough. Enough of harsh chemicals that hurt us and harm the environment, and enough of seeing people push the notion that beauty is only skin deep. We want to pioneer the inner and outer beauty movement because we know that true beauty comes from being courageous in yourself and standing in your true light. For us, being true to ourselves means bringing you an experience that is safe for both you and the environment, but also secure in it’s purpose and energy. You are enough. 

Enough is a hairdressing salon and wellness retreat based in Adelaide, created and founded by Lisa Nguyen. Lisa's vision is to help people activate self-love and stand in their true self-expression. She believes in eco-sustainability as the future and is committed to taking a holistic approach to all things hair.

The Enough experience aims to blend body, mind and planet health. Lisa and the team use only natural, organic products that benefit our physical and emotional health, as well as the health of the environment.

The team is passionate about curating the best in natural, organic, chemically-reduced, low tox and sustainable salon and hair products; so our clients can begin, continue and evolve their self-care journey in and beyond the studio.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the studio, we launched a tea range to further our commitment to nourishing and caring for our clients from the inside, out.

Lisa Nguyen is an award-winning hairdresser with over 15 years experience in the industry and a burning passion for sustainability, health and environmental awareness. Lisa has had enough of the toxins and chemicals in the products she used as a hairdresser and decided to break the mould, founding Adelaide's first eco-wellness salon.