Shifting the dynamic from a hair salon to a centre of wellness, our space has been designed to ensure one thing – that people can celebrate their natural self as well as the health of the environment.

The foundations for the design were built from the inside out, exploring human needs before any aesthetic or surface beauty. Something that is very much at the centre of the Enough ethos.

From these foundations we realised our aesthetic. Our 'beauty' simply became a natural extension of our beliefs. A space where imperfections and irregularities are celebrated and loved, materials promote the health of the environment and beauty exists from the inside out and outside in.

Our space has been built with minimalism and a multi-functional purpose in mind - designed to be a living, breathing, malleable and ever-evolving space - transforming from hair salon to event space at will. We hope you’ll come back to this space often, for hair services, for yoga, events, exhibitions, workshops or really, any reason to celebrate life.

We have been collaborating with a community of like-minded and local brands to bring this project to life.  

Visit us today at 298 - 300 Unley Road, Hyde Park, and invest time in you. Love your hair, love the planet, love yourself - because you are enough.